Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP

Globalization — And the Role of Active Engagement in It — At a Crossroads

For 8 years now, in conjunction with co-host Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check LLP, and with the essential input of an Advisory Board of your peers, we will offer a thorough overview of the landscape within which legal advisors are operating to fulfill their obligations as fiduciaries and active shareholders, and in turn, how they may better leverage strategies and objectives within this environment. Emphasizing real-world examples of how shareholders are engaging with the companies they invest in, this one-day event will review the most crucial legal decisions, regulatory actions, and developments investors should be aware of, and offer insights on the approaches successful plans have implemented to create the structures that meet investment return targets strategically and for the long term.

Al Gore

Advisory Board

James O’Connor, Managing US Counsel, Aberdeen Asset Management Inc.
Paul Matson, Director, Arizona State Retirement System
Brian J. Bartow, General Counsel, CalSTRS
Lowell Haky, Associate General Counsel, Charles Schwab
Michael D. Herrera, Senior Staff Counsel, Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
Chris Supple, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board (MassPRIM)
Jennifer J. Peet, Director of Legal Affairs, Oregon State Treasury
George W. Neville, Special Assistant Attorney General, State of Mississippi