Preserving and growing wealth in an era of uncertainty

Last year’s symposium took place in the immediate, and somewhat chaotic, aftermath of the United Kingdom’s decision to split from the European Union. In keeping with the theme of geopolitical tensions the 2017 meeting will take place in the shadow of one of the most divisive US elections in history, as well as both German and French elections where a resurgent far right is capitalising on the migration crisis and continued low Eurozone growth. Meanwhile investors must also continue to navigate markets distorted by central bank intervention, and where risks no longer provide the rewards they once did. The 2017 European Single Family Office Symposium will focus on how investors can navigate these uncertain times, source new investment ideas, and deliver long-term sustainable growth.

Advisory Board

Mark Shapley, Chief Investment Officer, Alder Investment Management, London
Naomi Friend, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates, London
Ian Prideaux, Chief Investment Officer, The Grosvenor Estate, London
Kevin Doyle, Chief Investment Officer, Killeen Group, Dublin
Paul Simon, Special Adviser, Lord Fink Family Office, London
Julian Sinclair, Chief Investment Officer, Talisman Global Asset Management, London
Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer, Thamesis, London
Geoffroy de Carbonnières, Global Investment Manager, Next World Group, Brussels
Tom Eriksson, Partner, Aeris Capital, Zurich
Stephan Gerwert, Director, Rigi Family Office, Rotkreuz
Philip Hjelmer, Investment Manager, Alpha -Invest Zurich AG, Zurich
Audrey Selian, Director, Rianta Capital, Geneva
Wendy Craft , Executive Director & COO, Gonzalez Family Office, Florida

Testimonials from 2015
“Excellent conference, great organisation, great family office representatives, good discussions, great information sharing and networking.”
“A very civilized event. Nice people, good discussions, no high pressure selling”
“This was my first ESFOS and I'm delighted that we decided to participate. Well done for delivering great delegates, interesting and informative content and a relaxed and professional environment“