The challenges facing Japanese institutional investors have never been greater and hence it is more important than ever to be innovative in how we manage portfolios in pursuit of returns; how we manage and immunise portfolios against downside and tail risks; and how we manage people and organisational structures to enable us to successfully navigate the increasingly complex investment landscape we face.

Institutional Investor’s Japan Global Investment Workshop is a gathering of the most influential investors from Japanese pension funds, insurance companies, trust banks and investment advisers. The Global Investment Workshop examines the challenges facing Japanese investors and seeks to emphasise that, despite these challenges, there are opportunities for investors to capture. Investors who are able to effectively manage risk, identify new investment ideas and form strong relationships both domestically and internationally whilst running a dynamic portfolio, will position their funds well to capture strong returns despite the difficult market conditions.

Institutional Investor has responded to the above challenges by delivering a series of shorter, narrow-focused workshops and roundtables led by some of the brightest investment minds from around the world. This Japanese Global Investment Workshop’s interactive structure, allows participating practitioners to exchange ideas with industry peers on how best to assess, adopt and implement the necessary strategies and changes to capture the opportunities available to investors.  The interactive structure and limited number of asset managers in the room provides increased value in analysing the inherent trade-offs in different investment models and portfolio construction strategies.

All discussions at the Global Investment Workshop are governed by Chatham House Rule. The event is closed to media and by invitation only to senior fund decision-makers. This ensures open and productive discussions with an effective exchange of ideas among peers.