It All Boils Down to This: Finding the Opportunities in Fixed Income

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This year’s Redefining Fixed Income Forum will explore the varied ways that institutional investors (pension funds, endowments, foundations, and insurance funds) are making changes — or the reasons why they are not — to their fixed income portfolios. Over the course of a day and a half, participants will delve into such issues as:

  • Asset (re)allocation decisions resulting from the reality in fixed income
  • Portfolio-wide consequences of your fixed income strategy
  • The rise of absolute return fixed income strategies
  • Where are the non-US opportunities to be found in fixed income?
  • Applying smart beta/factor-based investing to fixed income
  • The impact of the trend toward private strategies
  • Restructuring the fixed income portfolio to focus on “buckets”: growth, inflation-hedging, yield, etc.
  • Weighing the trade-off between capital protection, income, returns, and diversification
  • Fixed income ESG/impact strategies: Green bonds, etc.
  • Currency risk in fixed income investing