Great Expectations: How to Deliver the Returns and Service Your Clients Are Looking For

The Institutional Investor RIA Institute is a private membership organization for the nation’s largest and fastest-growing independent registered investment advisors as well as supporting members from premier asset management firms and providers. Both members and supporting members of the RIA Institute come together at three private annual forums to engage in 1.5 days of intense idea exchange, discussion, and debate. The environment at each forum is collegial and collaborative, and overt marketing by any member is strictly prohibited. The agenda for each meeting is devised by our Advisory Board of RIA executives to ensure the content is created ‘by RIAs, for RIAs.’

This membership’s primary goal is to help RIAs make the investment decisions and practice management choices that will best serve their underlying clients.

Advisory Board

The RIA Institute

Debra Brennan Tagg, Managing Partner, Brennan Financial Services, Texas
Carl E. Choy, Principal, CKW Financial Group, Hawaii
Steven L. Skancke, Chief Investment Strategist, Keel Point, Virginia
Lori Van Dusen, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, LVW Advisors, New York
E. Dryden Pence, Chief Investment Officer, Pence Wealth Management, California,
Rick Vollaro, Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner, Pinnacle Advisory Group, Virginia
Andy Kapyrin, Director of Research, RegentAtlantic Capital, New Jersey
Russell Moenich, Chief Investment Officer, Sequoia Financial Group, Ohio
Michael Dubin, Senior Advisor, Silvercrest Asset Management, New York
Leslie D. Thompson, Principal, Spectrum Management Group, Indiana

RIA East Investment Forum

Eric Godes, President and Chief Operating Officer, Daintree Advisors, LLC, Massachusetts
Patrick J. Barry, Managing Partner, Barry Investment Advisors, Massachusetts
Scott D. Sorensen, Principal, Vigilant Capital Management, Maine
Doug Liptak, Co‐Founder and Chief Development Officer, SignatureFD, Georgia
Tony Proctor, President, Proctor Financial, Massachusetts
Jason D. Edinger, Senior Research Analyst, RINET Co., Massachusetts
Michael J. Vogelzang, President and Chief Investment Officer, Boston Advisors, Massachusetts (Pending confirmation)
Gary Langham, Principal and Founding Member, RCL Advisors, New York