Asset Allocation 2.0: Offense or Defense?

Six years of developing this meeting has proved at least one thing: Addressing the issues of risk and liquidity effectively necessitates taking a step back from the trenches and examining these issues from the asset allocation and portfolio level.

On January 24-25 in San Francisco, we will present the latest, best thinking on the ways that North American pension funds and US endowments and foundations can meet the challenges of — and take advantage of the opportunities presented by — a volatile global investment landscape, one in which the opportunities are present but possibly more segmented, harder to find than before but one in which the risks are dramatic and pervasive.

Through panel sessions, discussion groups, and real-world case studies this year’s Forum will focus on how the investment landscape we are confronting today is altering the way institutions allocate assets, construct portfolios, and identify and select the managers they need to reach their investment objectives. Should institutional allocators buckle in and stand pat until the investment landscape clarifies? Or is today’s environment a chance to leverage the significant opportunities which certainly exist?

Is 2017 the year to become more aggressive in seeking returns and reconstructing your portfolio to do exactly that? Or is the best way forward this year a defensive posture?

Advisory Board

Patricia McKenna, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, AEGIS Insurance Services
Erin Layton, Manager of Investment Operations, Performance and Risk Management, Annie E. Casey Foundation
Anjum T. Hussain, Director of Strategy, Asset Allocation & Risk Management, Case Western Reserve University
Asif Haque, Director, Investments, Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
Jeffrey Youngman, Investment Analyst, Contra Costa County Employees’ Retirement Association
Christopher Rapcewicz, Director of Risk & Operations, Helmsley Charitable Trust
Robert Ewers, Specialist, Treasury and Risk, Inter-American Development Bank
Arun Mantri, Chief Risk Manager, International Monetary Fund  
Yong Li, Managing Director, Quantitative Research and Asset Allocation, Lockheed Martin
Karl Cheng, Investment Officer, Portfolio Risk & Research, Oregon State Treasury
Faye Holton, Director of Investments, Pepperdine University
Dimitry Shishkoff, Director of Risk Management, Texas Municipal Retirement System
Adam Levine, Chief Strategist, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
Hrishikesh Sastry, Risk Officer, United Nations
Steve Peterson, Managing Director of Risk, University of Virginia Investment Management Company
Craig O. Thomas, Managing Director, Wake Forest University/Verger Capital Management
Ryan Abrams, Portfolio Manager, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Lead Sponsors

Acadian Asset Management
AQR Capital Management
Aviva Investors
AXA Investment Managers
Berenberg Asset Management
Columbia Threadneedle Investments
Sanostro AG
Schroder Investment Management