Megatrends: Positioning Your Firm to Succeed

The 1st Annual West Coast Sub-Advisory Roundtable will be the second event in Institutional Investor’s newly launched Sub-Advisory Institute - a private membership organization for buyers of sub-advisory services representing mutual fund companies, OCIOs, insurance firms, retirement platforms, wealth managers, and other asset managers which out-source. Through expert-led panel discussions, presentations, guest speakers and live market research, each event will bring together leading participants in the sub-advisory landscape to assess how the investment objectives of institutions are changing and how firms that offer sub-advised strategies can respond to these needs.

Advisory Board

We build both Sub-Advisory Roundtable agendas with the help of an Advisory Board of Investment Executives from leading firms that utilize Sub-Advisory services to ensure the content is timely, relevant, and forward thinking.

Brian Ahrens, Executive VP, Director, Strategic Invetsment Research Group, Prudential
Dennis Santos, Vice President – OCIO, State Street Global Advisors
Ryan Beach, Director of Manager Research, USAA Investment Management Co.
Christine Johnson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, AB
Salimah Shamji, Vice President, Investment Product Management, AIG SunAmerica
Robert J. Majdecki, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
Jonathan Kreider, Vice President, Investment Products, Great-West Investments
Wayne Wicker, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, ICMA Retirement Corporation
Howard Hirakawa, Senior Vice President, Pacific Life Fund Advisors
Keith G. Huckerby, President, Penn Mutual Asset Management, Inc.
Safia B. Mehta, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Progress Investment Management Company, LLC
Kristine J. Mogollon, Director, Investment Product Management, Thrivent Asset Management
W. Lee Norton, Senior Investment Analyst, Vanguard