The Asia Institute is a private membership for leading asset management firms looking to grow their Asia Pacific business. Membership provides unparalleled access to senior decision-makers from the largest institutional investors across the region and puts you alongside an exclusive group of your peers.

Asia Institute members build a customized programme that aligns with your firm’s business objectives by granting access to a menu of Institutional Inves­tor’sexclusive, closed-door, discussion-based forums in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. Each forum features assigned seating arrangements, rotated throughout the event, that directly positions you with your firm’s highest priority clients and prospects. This ensures a productive and meaningful use of your time at each event.

In addition to the client engagement opportunities, Asia Institute members gain access to an exclusive series of peer-to-peer meetings, where industry leaders come together to discuss key trends and regional growth strategies alongside regulators and industry experts. The Asia Institute team also conducts proprietary industry research and shares investor insights throughout the year to support you with your business strategy and market access initiatives.

Featured Events

Korea Global Investment Forum

September 2, 2020
Four Seasons Hotel

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Asian Institutional Investor Forum

September 10, 2020
Four Seasons Hotel
Hong Kong SAR

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Japan Investment Forum

15th Annual Japan Investment Forum

September 15-16, 2020
Shangri-la Hotel

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Meet the right investors

Institutional Investor’s core business is working with Asia-based pensions, insurers, sovereign wealth funds and central banks to help meet their investment objectives. As an Asia Institute member, you have the ability to benefit from our relationships. We get the right investment officials to our meetings and their quality is unparalleled.

Local market expertise

Members leave every meeting with a finger on the pulse of specific challenges facing that market and a deeper understanding of the developments affecting investment decisions across the Asia Pacific.

Membership not sponsorship

Join the Asia Institute for one year at a time. Members partner with Institutional Investor and have access to an unparalleled business development platform, insights from peers and open doors to client decision-makers. Take advantage of Institutional Investor’s dedicated investor relations team that can help you identify asset owners most relevant to your strategies.

Reduce your costs & improve productivity

The Asia Institute provides access to clients and markets in a very timely and cost effective manner. You have the ability to meet over 250 individual investors in any given year. The Asia Institute compresses the amount of time required to visit prospects and to service clients. This doesn’t just save you time and money, it means that you can win more business, sooner.

Get to really know your clients

Our meetings are designed by investors for investors. Thus, our programs are compelling and attract investors with direct asset allocation responsibilities. There are no sales pitches and the media is strictly prohibited. As a result, members have a rare opportunity to hear investors speak candidly about their investment challenges in a private setting, while positioning themselves as experts and thought leaders.

Win more mandates

The Asia Institute allows you to build relationships more effectively with investors because you meet them when they are reaching out for answers. The Asia Institute is a private membership, its meetings are educational, and members work alongside investors in closed-door discussion groups to discuss their biggest challenges. Members have the opportunity to build trust and credibility with their most important clients and prospects.

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