Virtual Senior Delegates Roundtable - February 2021

Feb 4th 2021
1:00 p.m. EST
Virtual Event
The Roadmap Back

More so than even four weeks ago, we have a sense of when vaccination will be widespread and meals on the town, air travel, and face-to-face meetings will once again be not just possible, but normal. 

But in the interim, six months will pass – an eternity in the fundraising game. And inevitably, asset management marketing strategies will have to change over this time. 

How do you and your peers plan to navigate the next six months, and the six months after that? How do you plan to balance short-term messaging and long-term marketing? How does content creation, packaging, and distribution evolve during this transition period? And how do you plan to measure and benchmark success?

Join the Virtual Senior Delegates Roundtable on February 4 for a targeted discussion on marketing as we emerge from lockdown.

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  • Thursday February 4

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