DCI Webcast - Sweet Relief: Reinforcing and Enhancing Resource-Constrained DC Plans

Jul 14th 2021
12:00 to 1:30pm EST
Sweet Relief: Reinforcing and Enhancing Resource-Constrained Plans

Resource constraints are not news for many plan sponsors battling shrinking budgets and constrained or diminishing staff resources, heavily contrasted with an ever-evolving retirement landscape. While the mega plans of the defined contribution world may enjoy the expertise and experience of having significant departmental resources devoted to reviewing, updating, and monitoring a plan's investment outlooks and benefits, that is not a luxury every plan sponsor share. However, regardless of the size of the DC plan a participant belongs to, everyone seeks and deserves a world-class line-up to ensure the best retirement outcome.

Our plan sponsor surveys show that two-thirds of respondents indicated that the additional workload during the pandemic has further strained resources, and that close to 70% of respondents are planning or expecting layoffs or restructuring within their teams. These plan sponsors with constrained time and resources are thus increasingly considering whether OCIOs are part of the answer to bridge the resource and capabilities gap. Our July 14 webcast will bring together expert speakers to debate, discuss, and demystify the place for OCIOs in the defined contribution industry - do the additional expertise and experience potentially brought forward by OCIO providers justify partially relinquishing control? How are plan sponsors (and the corporate parents) managing the messaging and communication to employees and retirees on this matter? What have the experiences been like to date for clients of OCIO services? Where do they see OCIO services going next within the DC world? What are the fiduciary and regulatory considerations for utilizing OCIO services as a plan sponsor?

Join us on July 14 for answers to these questions and for further conversation on the future of OCIOs in our industry. We look forward to having you join our webcast this summer so you can gather the information you need by becoming part of the discussion.

  • Wednesday July 14
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