FTF 2021 Senior Delegate Roundtable

Jun 21st - Jun 23rd 2021
  • Monday June 21
  • Tuesday June 22
  • Wednesday June 23

Keynote Address & Group Exercsie:  Making Conversation in a Distributed Workplace

  • Fred Dust, Author of Making Conversation and Former Global Managing Partner at IDEO

    No one knows yet exactly what post-pandemic work life will be like, but mass and permanent return to offices seems improbable, especially for IT organizations. But interaction with colleagues, both within IT and in other parts of the business, is the fundamental work of providing technological solutions in an investment management enterprise. What then is the future of the ways we gather in 2021 and beyond?  In this interactive session, led by Fred Dust, design thinking exponent and author of Making Conversation, will focus on how to humanize people who we may have just met or haven't seen in a year, how to make connections over video conferencing system, how to have hard conversations like giving critique and feedback or commit to action and make change happen all in a virtual context. The session will include two group exercises. During this conversation, we'll look back at history in order to look forward to the future.