How AI is Enabling Investment Teams to Do More

Apr 27th 2021



Date:  April 27, 2021
Time: 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Eastern Time

AI is no longer experimental for the investment industry. Investment firms such as Angelo Gordon are increasingly relying on AI to help them parse new sources of information, improve investment decisions and increase the speed at which investment ideas can be implemented in a portfolio. Additionally, investment teams increasingly rely on machine learning and analytics to build predictive models and risk models to make their portfolios more robust and achieve higher performance. By leveraging the cloud customers can do this at a scale and speed that was previously not possible.Of course, sound investments require a skillful blending of human and machine intelligence. Responsible AI principles, model interpretability and error analysis help investment professionals understand when to rely on a model and when to rely on human intuition.

Join Charles Morris, Microsoft’s Head of Enterprise Data Science for Financial Services, and Rob Graffeo, Chief Information Officer at Angelo Gordon, as they discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in the investment space and how Microsoft is enabling investment teams to achieve more.