Roundtable for Corporate Funds and Insurance Portfolios 2019

Mar 4th - Mar 7th 2019
The Watergate Hotel
Washington, D.C.

Convergence & Divergence

Two mega-trends are impacting the corporate and insurance fund worlds: the convergence of portfolios’ towards a singular asset allocation, portfolio construction, and risk management paradigm — and a divergence in opinion over how to position these portfolios for future market events.

The 2018 Roundtable for Corporate Funds & Insurance Portfolios will address both trends in depth, and aim to arm chief investment officers and their teams with the crucial knowledge needed to succeed going forward. In addition, the Roundtable will take up two topics in depth for blue-sky discussion: Disruption in Asset Management and the Talent Crisis.

Join us and your fellow corporate pension plan sponsors and insurance portfolio executives in exploring these, and other, issues — and converging on asset allocators’ most pressing problems. Registration is complimentary for qualified executives from corporate pension funds, insurance funds and investment executive. Register today!


Download the Preliminary Agenda for Asset Allocators

Members of AII, please visit here for the AII member agenda, members of III, please visit here for the III member agenda.

2018 Advisory Board

In 2018 our advisory board include esteemed corporate plan leaders including:

Rip Reeves
Chief Investment Officer

AEGIS Insurance Services

Russell Smith
Head of Pension Investments
Aetna Inc. 

John Patin
Chief Investment Officer
Allied World Assurance Company 

Paul Benjamin
Director of Investments
Aloca Inc.

Gregory T. Williamson
Chief Investment Officer
American Red Cross

Mark Rose
Chief Investment Officer
Argo Group

Carolynn Walton
Chief Investment Officer

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Kathleen Lutito
President and Chief Investment Officer
CenturyLink Investment Management  

Pantelis Apessos
Chief Investment Officer
Head of Citi U.S. Pension Investments


Valerie Sill
President & Chief Executive Officer
DuPont Capital Management

Mark Silverstein
Chief Investment Officer
Sompo International  

Walter Kress
Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer
Ernst & Young

Maite Irakoze Baur
Director of Investments
Farmers Insurance 

Harshal Chaudhari
Chief Investment Officer
IBM Retirement Funds

Wayne Wicker
Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
ICMA Retirement Corporation 

Robert Ewers
Specialist, Treasury and Risk
Inter-American Development Bank  

Robert Hunkeler
Vice President, Investments
International Paper Company 

Christopher Li
President and Chief Investment Officer
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company 

Richard W. Scott
Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Loews Corporation  

Fred Nieuwland
Chief Investment Officer
Mars Incorporated

Phillip Titolo
Portfolio Manager
MassMutual Insurance 

Jeremy Ellermeyer
Managing Director
MetLife Investment Management

Clifton Moore
Portfolio Manager & Chief Investment Officer
Michelin North America Inc.

Al Campos
Federal Lobbyist
National Education Association 

Jeanmarie C. Grisi
Chief Investment Officer
Nokia Americas

Mark Hopkins
Director Pension Investments
Corporate Treasury

Pfizer, Inc.  

Sanjay Chawla
Vice President & CIO, Pension Investments
Raytheon Company

Aaron Diefenthaler
Chief Investment Officer, Treasurer

Joseph Eppers
Senior Vice President/Chief Investment Officer
Selective Insurance Company of America

Randy Brown
Chief Investment Officer
Sun Life Financial  

Charles Van Vleet
Assistant Treasurer, Chief Investment Officer
Textron Inc.

Brian Pellegrino
Chief Investment Officer
UPS Group Trust  

John Gandolfo
Director & Chief Investment Officer
World Bank  

Carol A. McFate
Chief Investment Officer
Xerox Corporationm Frmly

2018 Topics

Topics discussed in at our March 2018 Roundtable include:

Institutional Investor Case Study: The Convergence

Dominated by fixed income, with bifurcated risk-seeking and risk mitigation buckets: Insurance portfolios increasingly look like corporate fund portfolios, and vice versa. What can this convergence teach each group — opportunities, risks, upsides, pitfalls — that they haven’t learned on their own?

Beyond the Cliché: What Uber-ized Asset Management Would Look Like

Institutional asset management, for a variety of reasons, has been relatively resistant to disruptive change. But if taxis and hotels are any indication, an epic fight is on the horizon. Arm yourself with insights from industry futurists before you’re the one who gets disrupted — or, even better, be the one disrupting.  

Blockchain Will Disrupt Custody Banks. It Won’t Stop There.

It’s generally acknowledged that custody banks will be the first to benefit from — or be disrupted by — the advent of blockchain technology. Yet it’s what happens beyond custody that is most interesting. What segments of asset management and asset allocating will be most impacted by the ascendence of blockchain — and how can smart allocators be ready?

Deciphering the Misinformation on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Nearly every asset manager claims that they are using big data and/or artificial intelligence. But simply buying satellite photos of retail parking lots, or hiring a few more “quants”, is hardly revolutionary. What can allocators do to increase your bullsh&t detector when it comes with deciphering true use of cutting-edge data and analytic tools from basic marketing?

Institutional Investor Case Study: The Divergence

To hedge or not to hedge? Go all in or all out? Some whisper “bubble” and prepare for a correction, others plan to ride the market. Where do allocators stand — and what tools are at your disposal to implement whatever plan of attack you subscribe to?

Under the (Fixed Income) Hood

Low rates and immense brainpower have forced a (quiet, we admit) revolution in fixed-income offerings. Not every tool is appropriate for corporate and insurance investors, of course — but what recent innovations in this sector can and should be embraced by today’s forward-thinking allocators?

The Next Generation of CIOs

Take your mark … get set … go. Watch the best and brightest not-yet-chief investment officers go head-to-head, and reserve your judgement. Over a series of lightning rounds, each panelist will compete to answer pressing – and confidential – institutional investing questions. The audience will then vote on who will be a finalist in The Next CIO Award, to be presented at the Allocators’ Choice Awards 2018, held in November in New York City.

Crisis Management: How to Attract, Retain, and Grow Asset Allocator Talent

Sure, private equity and hedge fund firms can easily attract and keep talent (*ahem* paychecks *ahem*) — but the equation is different when it comes to out-of-the-way corporate funds or “boring” insurance funds. It’s thus essential that team leaders in the allocator space provide more than money. But what exactly is the secret sauce?

Investors Are Crazy. Don’t Be Crazy.

Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize made behavioral finance sexy once again (if it ever wasn’t). What aspects apply to institutional, as opposed to retail, investing? And how can forward-thinking asset allocators position portfolios to take advantage?

The Unrespresented Voices of Asset Management

If you don’t know by now, you haven’t been paying attention: the asset management industrial complex has largely failed to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. How can allocators and managers together effectively break the historic gender and ethnic imbalance (beyond tokenism) in the workplace — and what benefits can they see if they succeed?

Paying With More Than Money

You can’t pay like a hedge fund, but if you choose you can build a culture like one. Learn from industry experts about how you can capture and retain talent when big paychecks aren’t available – and how such a productive and positive sulture focused on collaboration can have an impact far beyond the wallet.

The Departed: Views from the Other Side

A discussion with former allocators who have moved on to other pastures — be they OCIO, consultancy, asset management, or even retirement — and what their now-outside perspective can tell current allocators about the prickly issues of talent sourcing, retention, and development.


Complimentary registration is limited to investment executives from corporate pensions funds, insurance funds, and investment consultants. If you are a member of the Alternative Investor Institute, please register here, Institutional Investor Institute members should register here.


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