4th Annual Systematic Investment Symposium

24th Sep - 25th Sep 2019
Jumeirah Carlton Tower
London, UK

The Systematic Investment Symposium offers an off-the-record meeting between Europe's biggest investors in QUANT-based strategies and experts from the asset management community. Through case studies, presentations of the very latest research and working groups, the audience will expand their knowledge and understanding of how QUANT strategies deliver sustainable returns.

Those involved in allocating to, designing and implementing quant or systematic investment strategies find their skills in unprecedented demand by investors. As returns across portfolios have faltered since the global financial crisis, more investors have begun to investigate the smart beta revolution, factor-based investing and systematic strategies in general. This two-day conference will bring together those involved in these strategies for high-level debate and presentations on the latest thinking in this field.  

2018 Agenda Topics
  • Assessing Both The Human And Systematic Element Of Investing 
  • Systematic Strategy Selection – Understanding Implementation Risk   
  • Sourcing and Monitoring The Strategies    
  • Designing a Strategy for Multi-Asset Systematic Investing   
  • Applying and Monitoring Systematic Strategies Across Multi-Asset Portfolios  
  • Understanding the Risks in a Portfolio of Systematic Strategies    
  • Disruptive Technologies and Digital Destinies 
  • The Use and Abuse Of Momentum In Smart Beta   
  • Smart Beta – Weapons of Wealth Destruction?  
  • Using Bank Algos or Asset Managers – What Should Investors Know? 
  • The Next Decade of Quant Investing – 10 Years After the Quant Quake, How Will the Sector Evolve? 

Downloade the 2018 programme here. The 2019 programme will be available soon. 

For further information on the programme, please contact Alex Beveridge.



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Jumeirah Carlton Tower

1 Cadogan Pl
London, SW1X 9PY
United Kingdom

A beacon of British style and sophistication, Jumeirah Carlton Tower is a renowned five star hotel in central London. Located on Sloane Street in the heart of Knightsbridge, this luxury hotel is one of the best in London and boasts 216 guest rooms including 58 suites.


For more information or general enquiry, please contact:

Alex Beveridge
+44 (0) 207 303 1742

For Asset Owners interested in being invited, please contact:

Faizah Choudhury
Senior Investor Relations Manager 
+44 (0) 207 303 1735

For Asset Managers interested in sponsoring, please contact:

Stefanie Sables
Executive Director - Europe
+44 (0) 207 303 1712