Finding the Risk That Still Pays

Dec 7th 2020
1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time
Virtual Program

Finding the Risk That Still Pays

As all institutional allocators to fixed income recognize, since the peak of the crisis earlier this year, we have seen a massive re-steepening of curves driven by psychological healing from US Treasury and Fed corporate bond purchases. This has resulted in a new set of concerns and risks for investors, including:

  • The realization that some of what we’re seeing in the fixed income markets currently doesn’t seem to make sense: for instance, the fact that spreads in many areas of the 1-5 year credit pool are trading through pre-pandemic spread levels.
  • If credit markets wobble and spreads widen only to the levels we saw at the end of 2018, investors stand to experience significant pain to their portfolios.
  • Which sectors of the credit market are positioned to outperform on a relative basis here at the end of 2020? Why those sectors?
  • No one knows what will cause the next sell off, so how can allocators most effectively embed downside protection into their fixed income strategy?

This webcast will provide an of-the-moment perspective on both the known and the hidden risks embedded in many institutions’ portfolios. As importantly, speakers will provide their insights into the risks as well as the opportunities in fixed income and credit at a time of significant uncertainty caused by political and geopolitical risks, sometimes confusing Fed activities, and the other macro factors that will enshrine 2020 as one of the most confusing and risky years that investors have grappled with for a decade or more.

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