Global Real Assets Investment Forum (Virtual) - 2021

Feb 23rd - Feb 25th 2021
12:00 PM (EST)


The Sustainable Returns: ESG Investing previously scheduled for September 15-16, 2020 has been rescheduled to November 19-20, 2020.


The Change in the Future Trendline Is Real: Implications for Investors in the World of Real Assets

The change: we have all seen it, talked about it, dealt with it a fair amount in the last many months. With the systemic shift in megatrends, real assets’ performance has historically been shaped by multiple sectors, subsectors, and geographies. But recently new macro factors have to be considered: Climate change, sustainability, the accelerating shift to a digital technology world. These are the factors which now more than ever are transforming the asset classes which in term comprise “real assets”. This event will discuss the new way of thinking and the real asset strategies to explore going forward, giving allocators the information they need when thinking about their real assets portfolio.




Registration for this event is complimentary for qualified institutional investor. Register now to join a senior group of your peers and learn more about how you can integrate ESG strategies into your portfolio!


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For more on the Summit contact:

Katarina Storfer

(212) 224-3073