Private Equity Summit - West Coast 2019

Apr 23rd 2019
The Beverly Hills Hotel
Los Angeles

Cognizant of the record growth in the private equity industry over the last ten years, funds are working harder than ever to put capital to work. Today, the industry manages over $3 trillion of capital and the amount of dry powder has surpassed $1 trillion. In order to generate growth and maintain returns on the capital pouring into the industry, GPs must enhance their capabilities and develop new strategies. Or change the terms of their relationships with LPs.  

At Institutional Investor’s 2019 Private Equity Summit – West Coast, GPs and LPs will meet to compare notes on the current investment opportunity set in private equity and debt. What are GPs and LPs doing to enhance their respective investment processes and improve investment outcomes? Will LP appetite for niche strategies remain strong going into 2019?


2019 Agenda

Advisory Board

Daniel T. Steele, Boston University

Samir Ben Tekaya, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation

Sebastien Siou, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Andrew Kelsen, Chicago Public School Teachers Pension

Jim Walker, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

Brian Chun, Helmsley Trust

Dana Johns, Maryland State Retirement

Lisa M. Vazquez, Partners HealthCare

Patrick Pace, UTIMCO

Brian T. Neale, University of Nebraska Foundation

Steve Davis, Sacramento County Employees' Retirement System

Christopher Schelling, Texas Municipal Retirement System

Matt Johnston, UPS Group Trust




The Outlook for Returns: Do LPs Remain Enthusiastic about Private Equity?  

The Utility of the Secondary Market: New Purpose and Strategies

Sustainable Models for Co-Investment: Lessons from Small and Large LPs

The US and Beyond: Sourcing Opportunities in the Small to Middle Market

Accessing the Technology Growth Story in China

Why LPs Still Find Healthcare Investments Attractive in Private Equity

The Alluring Opportunity Set in Specialist Sectors

Using the Private Equity Model in Non-Traditional Sectors

Private Debt – Finding Esoteric Opportunities

The Effect of China Companies on the VC/PE Market 


The Beverly Hills Hotel

9641 Sunset Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

For over a century, The Beverly Hills Hotel has been the spot for Hollywood’s brightest lights, the ultimate beacon of glamour. She greets you like a movie star from the moment you pass the iconic signage, step onto the signature red carpet and enter the grand lobby.



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For more on the Summit contact:

Katarina Storfer

(212) 224-3073