Systematic Investment Strategies Symposium

Nov 14th - Nov 15th 2017
New York

More and a broader range of institutional investors are becoming interested in systematic investing and the role these strategies can play in their portfolios. But the rise in demand is itself changing the landscape and the opportunity set rapidly as more managers enter the space, as these principles and strategies are applied to asset classes outside of equities, and as the concept itself – some argue – begins to become commoditized. This Symposium will assess the ways that pension funds, endowments, and foundations are increasingly employing systematic investment strategies to meet their investment objectives.

Advisory Board

Marcus Frampton
Director of Investments
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Jonathan Lavy
Director of Investments
American Red Cross

Mark Steed
Deputy CIO/Chief of Staff
Arizona Public Safety Retirement Systems

Panayiotis (Panos) Lambropoulos, CFA, CAIA, FRM
Portfolio Manager, Hedge Funds
Employees’ Retirement System of Texas

Howard Hodel
Investment Officer – Risk Management
Hawaii Employees' Retirement System

Ryan McNally
Director – Investments
Indiana University Health, Inc.

Keith Robinette
Investment Professional
Nationwide Insurance

Eric Nierenberg
Chief Strategy Officer
Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board

Steven Asprey
Principal, Quantitative Investments

Angelique Sellers
Senior Director, Portfolio Management
Pennsylvania State University

Vanita Gaonkar
Investment Officer
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Derek Drummond
Managing Analyst
State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Michael Nichols
Senior Investment Officer
Texas Tech University System

Joshua Shapiro
Managing Director, Investment Strategy and Risk
UNC Management Company, Inc. 

Thiago Defreitas
Portfolio Manager, Liquid Alternative Investments

Jon Spinney
Acting CIO
Vestcor Investment Management Company

Ryan Abrams
Portfolio Manager
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Mohamed Farid
Principal Portfolio Manager
World Bank

  • What Do Systematic Strategies Bring to a Portfolio? What Is Their Role?
  • Differentiating Between Systematic Strategies to Achieve the Specific Investment Objectives of Your Institution
  • What Is the Dividing Line Between Quant Strategies and Alternative Beta/Factor-Based Investing?


Latest agenda

  • What Are the Global Macro Drivers Which Will Have the Greatest Impact on Your Portfolio in 2018?
  • Assessing and Managing Business Risks and Counter-Party Risks (eg, IT Risk, Operational Risk, etc)
  • Educating the Investment Committee/Board on Systematic Strategies





450 E 29th St,
New York, NY 10016
United States

Registration is limited to senior investment executives from larger corporate and public pension funds, endowments and foundations. There is no fee to attend. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Katarina Storfer at




For more information, please contact:

Katarina Storfer

Executive Director
+1 (212) 224 3073

Randy Klein

Executive Director, Business Development
+1 (212) 224 3629