RIA Senior Delegates Roundtable 2021

Jan 27th 2021
1:00pm - 4:30pm EST

A Reimagined Reality: Serving the RIA Community in Turbulent Times

2020 was nothing short of a remarkable year. As our global society continues to grapple with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the independent RIA channel finds itself at an inflection point. An industry built upon personal relationships and long-term investing has been challenged, as firms seek alternative means to interact with existing clients and continue to do business development. Technological challenges that were on the rise a year prior, have now been brought to the forefront for many, and others look to engage clients without travel.

The RIA Institute’s Senior Delegates Roundtable will bring together the heads of sales and distribution from our elite supporting member firms for a virtual afternoon of peer-to-peer networking and education. The goal of the roundtable is to share best practices, debate challenges and opportunities and help asset managers optimize their sales and marketing strategies to help them remain successful for years to come. The agenda will be organized around these major themes:

1.       Understanding and identifying key trends in the RIA industry in the midst of a global pandemic

2.       Identifying investment trends that are in and out of favor for the year ahead

3.       Accepting that marketing is a core focus for firms to succeed in a virtual world

4.       Learning how advisors and managers can work more seamlessly together



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For more information, please contact:

Kristen Oliveri

Director, RIA Institute



Irvin Adu-Gyamfi

917 734 1913



Kristen Oliveri, Director, Family Office and RIA Institute, Institutional Investor

The RIA Marketplace: Competing at Scale

Presenter: Marina Shtyrjov, Senior Analyst, Wealth Management, Cerulli Associates


Leaning In: Overcoming the Marketing Hurdle

Yes, you do need marketing, and not just any marketing—smart, thoughtful, engaging marketing. Our virtual reality has led to the rise of podcasts, webinars and Zoom TV appearances that remind us that virtual or not, asset managers who acknowledge the importance of them will be better positioned to capture more market share. This panel will focus on actionable takeaways—ideas to implement today that will set you up properly for tomorrow.


Moderator: To be announced shortly.


To be announced shortly.

All in the Family: How RIAs and Managers Can Work More Seamlessly Together

Engaging Clients without Travel

Discussion Leader:
Sean O’Dowd, CFA, Managing Director and Family Business Advisor, Silvercrest Asset Management


Reevaluating Technology Needs

Discussion Leaders:
Margaret Dechant, CFA, Partner & Founder, Chief Executive Officer, 6 Meridian


The Diversity Discussion

Discussion Leaders:
Allan Boomer, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Momentum Advisors
Carina Diamond, Chief Experience Officer and Managing Partner, Dakota Wealth Management


AI and Machine Learning

Discussion Leader:
Chris Osmond, CAIA, CFP, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Prime Capital Investment Advisors
William A. Pusey, JD, MBA, Partner, Kimble Advisory

Join your peers for a virtual cocktail making class hosted by Sarah Tracey of the Lush Life where you will learn to make a classic cocktail—with a twist. Grab your cutting board, cocktail kit and your trusty glass and learn about the history of the cocktail and how to entertain at home. You’ll also have the ability to ask Sarah all of your questions regarding ice, glassware, syrups. mocktails and alternative spirits for a fun, interactive session. Following the class, please stick around for a purely social happy hour with our RIA advisory board in an informal setting, while toasting to one another for a healthy, prosperous year ahead.