2020-21 International TraderForum Monthly Meetup Series

Oct 1st 2020 - Jul 1st 2021
Virtual Series
13.00 - 14.00 GMT each session

Introducing International TraderForum Monthly Meetups—a series of 10 monthly interactive sessions spread over the coming year.
Each session features a 30-minute panel followed by breakout discussions.
Each Monthly Meetup will bring together 45-50 buyside traders and will take place from 13.00 – 14.00 (GMT).


Please fill out the form below if you are a BUYSIDE trader interested in attending the International TraderForum event. Please note that this a sponsored event and all sponsors will receive contact details for all who register to attend.

If you are a sellside trader and would like to attend, please contact Barbara Baumbusch at bbaumbusch@iiforums.com and Lynn Quealy at lquealy@iilondon.com.


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You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any communications we send you. You can also visit our preference centre.

Privacy Notice | Please See Our Event Participant Terms & Conditions

Previous Meetups

Matching Trading Strategies to Changing Markets: Adjusting Participation Rates and Aggressiveness to Current Trading Conditions
When searching for liquidity, determining where your strategy goes, how it chooses to get there, and how it responds to current prices and volumes can impact performance. Hear from algorithmic practitioners on how they select and calibrate strategies to respond to current trading conditions. 

• Eric Stockland, Managing Director, Electronic Trading, BMO Capital Markets
• Jessica Crisp, Electronic Equities Trader, BNP Paribas

Looking Through the Black Box: Understanding Underlying Algo Logic, Validating Performance and Iterating for Continuous Improvement
Greater transparency into an algorithm's logic and routing protocols enables the buyside and sellside to collaborate and customize strategies that are designed to meet trading outcomes. As institutional trading has becomes more systematic, deploying an empirical and iterative process to validate and improve performance is essential in navigating an increasingly evolving market microstructure. 

• Joe Wald, Managing Director, Co-head of Electronic Trading, BMO Capital Markets
• James Hilton, Managing Director, Credit Suisse
• Philip Bille, Head of Buyside Dealing and Market Structure, Degroof Petercam
• Samuel Henderson, Head Trader, EMEA Equities, Invesco

Lifting the Lid on Conditional Blocks in European Equities
Join our experts, Rob Boardman, CEO and Head of Execution Services, EMEA, Michelle Butler, Head of POSIT Alert, EMEA, and James Osborne, Global Co-Head of Algorithmic Development and Quantitative Research, for an interactive session that explores liquidity sourcing tools and venues that are easily accessed from client desktops and via algos. They will also share their views on the trader experience as it relates to conditional blocks in European equities. 

• Rob Boardman, CEO and Head of Execution Services, EMEA, Virtu Financial
• Michelle Butler, Head of POSIT Alert EMEA, Virtu Financial
• James Osborne, Global Co-Head of Algorithmic Development and Quantitative Research, Virtu Financial

European Equity Markets – Successes and Challenges Ahead
Equity markets in Europe have been through significant change over the last 15 years. Technological advancements and competition have helped drive down costs and increase market liquidity. There is, however, still considerable debate about market structure, cost of trading and market stability. What are the alternative views of the main industry participants and how can we continue to see our industry evolve successfully? 

Moderated by: Irina Sonich-Bright, Managing Director, Head of Execution Services Product Management, Credit Suisse

• Chris Hollands, Head of European and US Sales and Account Management, TradingScreen
• Tom Stevenson, Head of Equity Trading EMEA, Fidelity International
• Thomas Zeeb, Global Head Exchanges and Member of the Executive Board, SIX Group AG
• Robert Barnes, Group Head of Securities Trading & CEO Turquoise Global Holdings, London Stock Exchange Group
• Nick Dutton, Chief Regulatory Officer, Cboe Europe

The role of Unique Liquidity - Has Principal Trading Led to Better Results Through the Crisis? Will it Always?
How have systematic internalisers performed as liquidity providers in European markets since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic? What role have central risk books and capital commitment in general played since March 2020? Are buyside desks making greater use of principal liquidity, and are they concentrating their flow with a few providers now more than in the past? 

• Slawomir Rzeszotko, Head of Institutional Sales and Trading, Europe and Asia, Jane Street
• Matthew Cousens, Head of Platform Sales EMEA, Citigroup
• Richard Pinnington, Equity Trader, T. Rowe Price
• Christoph Hock, Head of Multi-Asset Trading, Union Investment

The Innovation Imperative – Applying Advanced Technology to Equity Trading
Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are revolutionizing every aspect of securities dealing and investment management, including automated equity trading. In this session, we’ll examine ways in which cognitive computing and statistical analysis can help brokers – and ultimately the buyside – find liquidity and minimize transaction costs in global equity markets. 

Moderator: Dan Eisemann, Quantitative Trading Analyst, MFS Investment Management

• Michael Steliaros, Global Head of Quantitative Execution Services, Goldman Sachs
• Guhao Wu, Head of Quantitative Research, Electronic Equities, Deutsche Bank

The Year Ahead: Living with Covid and Looking for the Next Disruptors
With the annus horribilis of 2020 behind us, what can we expect from 2021? ITF rings in the New Year with a panel discussion looking ahead at the year to come in trading. We’ll examine topics such as exchange resilience, the consolidated tape, buyside trading desk automation, multi-asset trading and the return to the office.

• Chris Hollands, Head of European and US Sales and Account Management, TradingScreen
• Niki Beattie, CEO, Market Structure Partners
• Matthew McLoughlin, Head of Trading, Partner, Liontrust
• Ben Smith, CFA, Head of Trade Execution, Independent Franchise Partners, LLP

The Rise of European Retail: Lessons From the Boom in Individual Trading and Zero Commissions
Retail execution is a key focus for exchanges and is a rising trend worldwide. Two execution models compete in this space: “improved quotes” and “payment for order flow.” We will decipher the key features of these two approaches by comparing in-depth trades of two European trading venues. Which model provides the greater net benefits for end clients?  
Presented by:
Paul Besson, Head of Quant Research, Euronext

SIs in Volatile Markets
During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, volumes and volatility in European equity markets surged—did electronic liquidity provider systematic internalisers (ELP SIs) play a role? In this session, we examine the volume and market shares of ELP SIs during the first half of 2020 and analyse SI interaction with different types of trading algorithms and their performance in terms of execution quality.

Moderated by: Neil Bond, Former Head Trader, Ardevora Asset Management

• James Osborne, Global Co-Head of Algorithmic Development and Quantitative Research, Virtu Financial
• Rob Boardman, CEO Execution Services, EMEA, Virtu Financial

Trading at the Close: Concentrating or Fragmenting Liquidity?
An increasing proportion of global equity trading is being transacted at the closing auction. Depending on the exchange, anywhere from 20% to 40% of daily volume in Europe and 10% in the US is currently being executed at the close.  In order to remain competitive, many securities dealers are offering to match client orders at the closing price, and at least one exchange currently offers a competitive closing cross. Some market participants have voiced concerns that the migration of volume to the close will hamper price formation during continuous trading, while others argue that broker matches fragment liquidity at the close. In this session, we’ll discuss how buyside traders can best take advantage of liquidity at the close, and whether this migration of volume to the close is likely to continue.  
• Calvin Hayes, Head of U.S. Equities Trading, Jane Street
• Joe Collery, Head of Trading, Comgest


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