TraderForum 2020: The ETF Revolution

Oct 13th - Oct 16th 2020
Virtual Event
11:00 - 11:45 am (eastern each day)

Efficiency. Liquidity. Simplicity. Those three words are the motto of the ETF Revolution, a dramatic change in the investment landscape that offers institutional traders the ability to manage exposure to asset classes and sectors easily, cheaply and quickly. With convenience, however, comes the need to choose among a broad range of ETFs, and to choose between ETFs and other delta‐one instruments such as index futures. Evolving market structure and new trading tools also mean buyside traders must choose how to trade, as well as what to trade. Join us for a one‐day seminar that explores all facets of institutional ETF use.

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This form is for BUYSIDE traders only, Please note that this a sponsored meetup and all sponsors will receive contact details for all who register for this event.


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